Monday, March 2, 2009

Pole Leaners Part 2

On the way home from work tonight, on the super packed Muni, while it was pouring down rain and after I had to switch trains because the first one I was on had a meltdown (did I mention it was pouring?) there was this dumb girl who couldn't seem to get a clue that it's extremely rude to take up the whole pole! I was highly tempted to say something (and when I say "say something" what I really mean is yell something) but I decided it was best not to make a scene and she couldn't hear me anyways because she had her ipod on. I'm starting to think that ipods are not such a good idea after all, maybe they make you ignore the rest of the world too easily. Although, when men are trying to pick up on you or "homeless" people want your money they can be quite handy at blocking them out I will admit. I'm starting to think this is turning into an ipod post, which will just need to wait till later because that's a whole different rant and rave. Don't get me started on the people who come into my work and want my help but they won't take their headphones out of their ears and yet they insist that I must talk louder. The general public is horrifyingly rude, you really have no idea until you work in retail let me just say.

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