Monday, March 2, 2009

"Saved" Tables

The other night we went to the Elbo Room for our monthly dose of Shutter. Normally I semi-dread this event, but it can be fun don't get me wrong. It’s just necessary to come prepared to deal with ill-mannered people, and apparently I didn’t come prepared enough on this particular evening. Or a couple shots ahead of time seems to do the trick too, but I didn't have enough of those either it seems.

Here’s a little background for those of you who have not been to the Elbo Room: This is not a fancy bar. This is not one of those places where there is “reserved seating” and bottle service. This is just a cool place to hang out with a few limited tables here and there and a dance floor to dance your little heart out on.

Fast forward to about an hour into our evening…

All was going well and we were dancing and generally having a good time, when one of our slightly drunk friends slightly twisted her ankle (she was wearing some very fabulous five inch wedges with black and white polka-dots by the way). So understandably, she felt like she needed to sit down. There happened to be an open table in front of us so without a second thought we took it. Apparently, it wasn't as “open” as it appeared to be and two “ladies” (I use this term loosely because I think in reality they could be blood sucking vampires) came over and proceeded to inform me that this was "their table". (From here on out they will be referred to as Vampire 1 and 2… On second thought I think we will only be discussing Vampire 1 because it seemed to me that Vampire 2 was “Uh-huh, what she said girl” and so as far as I’m concerned girls like that don’t really exist). How can one claim a table when they're not even sitting at it you ask? Especially in a crowded bar with limited seating to begin with? Well you see this question perplexed me as well. I was very confused at her statement, how could this table be hers if she wasn’t sitting at it and the only thing remotely resembling a personal belonging was a scarf haphazardly thrown over the side of a chair?!? Generally, as I’m sure most of you know, I am a non-confrontational person. However, if I think you are being rude and inconsiderate that can change. So I said to Vampire 1 "No it's not, you're dancing over there not sitting here". Vampire 1 seemed to stare at me for a moment (probably contemplating whether she should suck my blood for calling her out on her total BS) before realizing she seemed to know our friend Adrienne and then suddenly it was ok for us to sit at “their table”. This seriously annoyed me considering that in the middle of our semi-confrontation I decided to sit down and then it became “my table”, and not even some Vampire bitch was going to make me move.

Do you think they are so ill-behaved because they sleep all day and only come out at night with others of their kind? Perhaps they are immune to bad behavior because they are surrounded by it? I really don’t understand this rude, selfish, inconsiderate, audacious, and disrespectful behavior. It’s time to learn how to behave in public you poor trust fund/hipster/vampires.

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